Here at Ross Insurance Group we like to review coverage limits to make sure you are being properly protected. Many factors go into the rating of auto insurance policies, we review your policy with you to make sure you are getting the best coverage at the most competitive rate. There are many questions when it comes to auto insurance in Florida and below from are a few of the most popular:

How much does Florida car insurance cost per year?

Florida drivers pay more for car insurance than drivers in many other places, but independent insurance agents can help you score lower rates than you might pay if you shop on your own. The average American driver pays $1,311 per year for car insurance. In Florida, drivers pay an average of $1,742 each year. Take time to compare quotes to make sure you get the best deal on auto insurance in your area.

What does Florida car insurance actually do for me?

Florida roads can sometimes be dangerous, and accidents are pretty common. If you find yourself in the middle of a major collision, here’s a look at how your car insurance can help:

  • Fix Your Car – Not required. We officially call this “comprehensive & collision coverage” and though it is not required by the state, it may be required by your lender.
  • Fix Someone Else’s Car – Required/Min. $10,000.  We officially call this “Property Damage Liability.”
  • Pay Your Medical Bills – Required/Min. $10,000. We officially call this “Personal Injury Protection” Or “Pip.”
  • Pay Someone Else’s Medical Bills – Required/Min. $20,000. We officially call this “Bodily Injury Liability.

Florida state law requires all drivers to have at least a certain amount of insurance coverage. This is meant to be a protection in case you get into an accident. If you cause the collision, insurance steps in to pay for damage to someone else’s vehicle and medical bills.

Who pays if the accident wasn’t my fault?

No need to worry. The driver who caused the accident is responsible for paying for the damages. However, if the at-fault driver is not insured and cannot pay, you may be on the hook unless you carry uninsured motorist coverage.

How many Florida drivers are uninsured?

Even though Florida law says all drivers must be insured, it’s not foolproof. Sometimes people drive without any insurance. Because of this, you could still face a serious risk if you get into an accident.  That’s why “Uninsured Motorist Coverage” is so important. In Florida, nearly one-fourth of drivers are uninsured, so you face a high risk for getting into an accident with an uninsured driver at fault. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, the policy will pay to fix your car and pay for your medical bills.

Which are the best insurance companies in Florida?

As an independent insurance agency we will compare multiple companies to find the best policy for your needs.